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Where we focus our attention, is what multiplies in our lives. Think about it. Where our thoughts go, we go. What dictates our attention, directs our path. Even in the simplest of situations. For instance, a barrel racer must focus on their pocket, NOT the barrel. Why? Because where their eyes go....their hands direct. A rough stock rider MUST keep his eyes focused at the correct place on the animal he’s riding to be able to keep his body in the right position to stay aboard. You’ll sometimes see a bull rider looking out just before he bucks off. What happened? Inwardly he wanted out....his look betrayed his inner desire and his body followed suit.

Focus is a powerful thing!! Focus in the positive develops passion....and passion is POWER. Focus in the negative builds thought processes of defeat that set a person up for perpetual failure. We literally can sabotage our own future by allowing negative thought processes to take over our thinking. To keep our focus positive takes EFFORT because everything about this world left to itself, tends toward chaos and decay. As I often say, “any dead fish can float downstream, it takes a LIVE one to go against the current”! To keep your focus “clean” takes consistent effort and discipline in our thought life.

Ted Nuce once told me how when he was believing to win the world title in bull riding, he would consistently “see” himself as such and immediately after a buck off, he’d tell himself...”This is not who I am, I’m a world champion”! Many have heard Lynn McKinzie’s testimony when she won the world title in barrels on Magnolia Missile. She didn’t even get to make that many rodeos because of teaching school and she found herself at the NFR. Feeling overwhelmed by all this, she leaned on her friendship with Jesus and focused on Him. Before running down the alleyway, she’d ask Jesus to put His hands in hers, put His feet in her feet and ride Missile through her. She placed or won every round! Well....every round except one.....about the 4th round, she thought, ‘I’ve got this’ and didn’t focus on Jesus riding through her. She didn’t place in that round. After that she repented, placed her focus back on the One Who had gotten her there, you know....”dance with the one who brought you”....and made money every round after and won the world title that year. Focus.....where our thoughts go....we go!

This truth reigns in all aspects of life. Where our focus goes....we go. Concerning end times, Luke 21 records Jesus telling some of the signs of this age. Signs that are prevalent in our generation. But verse 26 says something powerful about our focus. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth.” When our focus is earthbound, the result will be FEAR.

During 2016 I began to be fearful over what I saw in the coming elections. With my thoughts earthbound, I saw no good options. When I realized where my focus was, I turned my focus heavenward to hear God’s perspective. I was not disappointed. Surprised....but not disappointed. God spoke to me more than once about HIS pick for our nation.

I refused to get my information from news media after that and kept my focus heavenward. I had PEACE while many were (and still are) fearful and even angry. Focus is a POWERFUL thing....for good or attention to what and where your focus is. For what directs our focus, directs us!

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