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Crystal gets the opportunity to share all over the country. This is a collection of some of her favorite message for you to listen to, download, and share with your friends. Her prayer is that God would speak to you, as He has spoken to others.

Below is the newest message from Crystal.

Below are messages from this year. To see a list of messages from previous years, click on the year you are looking for: All Time Favorites, 2023 Messages, 2022 Messages, 2021 Messages,
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Engaging God in the Imagination
Engaging God In The Imagination

Picture of the End Times from Micah

Thank God for our upbringing in church; but when it comes to a correct outlook on these latter days, we’ve accepted some very bad theology which has given us a very dark and dim view of what’s ahead.  Daniel even infers that much broader information will only be opened up to us as we get closer to the time of its manifestation (Dan. 12:4).  God keeps some things in mystery until it’s time!  Just take the 4th and 5th chapter of Micah for instance.  So much of it made no sense... until now.  God has a literal EXPLOSION of magnificent and glorious outpourings on His own, as He brings His Kingdom into this earth with and THROUGH His faithful ones!  Get ready for what has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE!

The Hidden Mystery of God's Long Range Plan

The Hidden Mystery of God’s Long-Range Plan:  The Passion translation states Eph. 1:9 so perfectly with those words.  Salvation is exactly that.  A mystery being unveiled of God’s long range plan and it seems to be quite evident that we are the generation that is actually LIVING in the time that the FULLNESS of His plan is beginning to be appropriated!  Don’t listen to the “end time gloom and doom” preachers.  Instead FEED on the glorious plan of God to be poured out on all who dare to believe and hunger for the fullness of salvation this world has never yet seen!

Prophetic Dreams Concerning Trump

I have received a few prophetic messages and dreams concerning Trump and because there seems to be such fear over the future of our nation, I felt impressed to just share what I believe the Lord has shown me about President Trump and the future of America.

Salvation is Accumulative

We erroneously think that salvation is an "all in one bundle" gift.  It's a great gift for sure but its fullness comes in degrees, with an outpouring planned in full at the end of days.  An outpouring so awesome that 1Corinthians 2 says no one has ever seen nor IMAGINED what it'll look like!  Are you hungry for more?  Do you desire to engage God in greater measure?  Get ready for the fullness is coming to those who are hungry!

Prophecy Within the Resurrection Story

Verses of scripture detailing the resurrection of Jesus aren't ONLY for our knowledge of the past. Within those verses also lies a description of the coming resurrection of the body of Christ! Just as His personal body was resurrected and ascended to the Father, so will His CORPORATE BODY follow suit in the fullness of times. Don’t just read the account looking back... but also looking FORWARD.

Oh God - I'm the Older Brother

We LOVE that God is extremely forgiving and merciful don’t we! But when that extends to those who caused us great pain, we can get offended at God and not even know what hit us. Forgiveness is a HUGE part of God’s character, therefore it HAS to become a major part of our own.

A New Day Upon Us

Unless you can see the old passing, you aren’t equipped to carry the new. God is preparing His bride to manifest His glory and bring heaven to earth. It’s definitely NOT going to be “church as usual”. I can honestly say that I know how to have church MORE than I know how to operate from the Kingdom. This must change!

We Cannot Carry the Old Into the New

The shift is upon us and the river of God is at the door. The river will wash out of us ALL that can’t move with God into the next phase, as long as we embrace God’s will over our own.

Enlarging Your Spirit

Our spirit is limitless! By our lifestyle, we can diminish or grow our spirit. You may be surprised to find out some of the ways our spirit is increased.

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