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Crystal gets the opportunity to share all over the country. This is a collection of some of her favorite message for you to listen to, download, and share with your friends. Her prayer is that God would speak to you, as He has spoken to others.

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Grace Isn't Always Fun

We LOVE the grace of God, as we should, but how about when God showers it on the dirty rat who did you wrong?  THAT my friend isn’t easy to handle.  It can feel like a betrayal.  These instances are hard to walk through... BUT... the blessings of handling it right are great, and the consequences of NOT accepting it can absolutely keep us out of God’s presence!  It can literally define your future success or failure.

God's Grace Ain't Always Fun
Entering the Day of the Lord

Forget the arguments of it being Saturday or’s FAR GREATER than a “day of the week”!  It’s literally a day outside of time that we can pull from in our “now”!  It’s literally the right to enter into the realm of the Kingdom OUTSIDE OF TIME and bring it’s resources into our NOW!

Entering The Day Of The Lord
Is This The Tribulation

This question has been in a lot of people’s mind, and understandably so.  This teaching addresses this subject and proves from God’s Word how this can NOT be the tribulation and the mark of the beast.  Not yet!  So many awesome prophecies from God’s word that HAS to happen BEFORE the tribulation has not yet happened.  Matter of fact, if your end time theology is all doom and gloom... it’s wrong.  We can all quote the bad signs of the times but have you become acquainted with the GOOD SIGNS??

Is This The Tribulation
The Two Wittnesses

Revelation 11 has much to say about the “Two Witnesses” who will walk in great power and unleash God’s justice into the earth.  Ever wonder who they are?  Elijah... Enoch... Moses?  How about we allow the Bible to interpret itself!  Listen to this and see if the Bible doesn’t paint a clear picture of who they actually are!

The Two Witnesses
God Covenanted with Genetics

It only takes a surface study in Biblical history of God’s interaction with mankind to realize that God was following a bloodline... genetics.  God didn’t choose men who were without screw-ups.  Some He ignored and others He stood by with steadfast loyalty no matter what.  Why?  He had made covenant with a BLOODLINE... NOT an individual’s ability to be righteous.  This teaching is a fairly simple one but is an “Ah-Ha” revelation of our complete SECURITY that is based solely on God’s loyalty to the blood that He covenanted with... NOT on our personal record.

God Covenanted With Genetics
A Generation that wont Die

2 Tim 1:10 says that Jesus ABOLISHED death.  It’s the will of God that death be put UNDER our feet!  He is unleashing revelation at this time of His will to not simply reverse the aging process but bring a generation into the FULLNESS of our inheritance IN HIM!  A people clothed in His glory who won’t experience death!

A Generation That Won't Die
What Part of ETERNAL LIFE Don't You Understand

Salvation is INCREDIBLY MORE than getting our sins washed and going to heaven after we die!  The truth of the full salvation message hasn’t yet been fully preached and therefore the masses have not yet heard, much less believed.  God has set in motion something the earth has never yet seen, but a generation is rising who will walk in its fullness!

What Part of ETERNAL LIFE Don't You Unde
Darkest Before Dawn

The Bible distinctly lays out the sequence concerning the great world wide harvest. BEFORE God pours His Spirit out, He will remove those who have become so corrupted by their allegiance with evil. The chaos that’s going on now is simply the “spring cleaning” preceding the outpouring!  God is bringInt JUSTICE to earth!

Darkest Before Dawn
Who Really Has Dominion

Micah gives an amazing accurate prophetic rundown of where our nation and the ecclesia is at this pivotal moment in history.

Who REALLY Has Dominion