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Crystal gets the opportunity to share all over the country. This is a collection of some of her favorite message for you to listen to, download, and share with your friends. Her prayer is that God would speak to you, as He has spoken to others.

Below is the newest message from Crystal.

Below are messages from this year. To see a list of messages from previous years, click on the year you are looking for: 2022 Messages, 2021 Messages, 2020 Messages, Older Messages.

Great Grace is Coming

The Bible clearly says a great outpouring of grace is appropriated for the days of darkness. Why?  So God’s people can simply survive the perilous times?  NO!  So God’s people can walk triumphantly in full authority OVER any evil that we will face!  Check out what is promised to God’s faithful ones!!

Great Grace Is Coming
Glorious Days Ahead

With all the turmoil and chaos in the world, there is a HOPE that is ours to claim!  Remember where the Word says that we are to be IN the world, but not OF it?  How does that work??  Answer: Christ in you the HOPE of glory! (Col.1:27)   This is a compact teaching that points out several scriptures that speak of “Christ’s coming”, but it’s definitely NOT what we pictured in our minds.  His next “coming” is Him APPEARING AND SHINING UPON His “friends”!!  There is a GREAT DIVIDE, so to speak, coming as God’s faithful people go through an outpouring of HIMSELF that will literally render us “NOT OF THIS WORLD!”  It is by this and ONLY this, that we will walk ABOVE the chaos of this world and affect our areas of authority with HEAVEN’S RESOURCES!

Glorious Days Ahead
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