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Crystal gets the opportunity to share all over the country. This is a collection of some of her favorite message for you to listen to, download, and share with your friends. Her prayer is that God would speak to you, as He has spoken to others.

Below is the newest message from Crystal.

Below are messages from this year. To see a list of messages from previous years, click on the year you are looking for: All Time Favorites, 2023 Messages, 2022 Messages, 2021 Messages,
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Exiting Babylon

Multiple times throughout the Bible, God gives stern warnings for His people to “come out of Babylon”.  This isn’t simply a command for the Iraqi’s!  Our entire world governmental and economic system is built on the Babylonian system of slavery.  God has sworn to destroy it entirely!  He is calling us into a place that’s protected by Him physically, spiritually and economically.  It’s MORE than just acknowledging Him as Savior… much more!

Exiting Babylon
God's Love Language

Everyone has a specific “love language”… what touches their heart and communicates that they are truly loved! Do you know God’s love language?

God's Love Language
Getting Our Nation and Our Freedom Back!!

This is a GREATLY NEEDED history lesson to understand what God is doing in the earth NOW!!  Wealth is being returned and freedom unleashed!

Getting Our Nation and Our Freedom Back!
Maybe Our “End-Times Doctrine” Isn’t Entirely Accurate!

A bad translation of one word in II Thess. distorts the entire message.  IIThessalonians is not a “bad end-time” message for God’s people, but instead, a good one!  I believe it’s connected to the very next festival to be fulfilled... Rosh Hashanah... and we may even be privileged enough to participate in its fulfillment! 

Maybe Our End-Times Doctrine Isn't Entirely Accurate
Two Theaters During the Tribulation

One of the most confusing things about discerning end time events is the fact that scripture is describing TWO theaters where these events are happening.  Not just one.  Some verses describe end time events from a heavenly position and other verses describe it from an earthly position. That’s why verses of scripture describe the end times like this... "the GREAT and TERRIBLE Day of the Lord”.  Which is it, great, or terrible?  BOTH!  It all depends on where you’re positioned!

Two Theaters During Tribulation
Key Information on the End Times

II Thessalonians is a short 3 chapters addressing the glorification of the saints, the manifestation of the wholly wicked and the clash that is inevitable between the two.  Because of some key wording translated rather badly, we’ve been taught some wrong end-time theology.  This teaching gives a whole new light on what to expect and the exciting transformation that is just ahead of us.

Key Information On End Times
Bad End Times? Not Totally Accurate!

People’s belief of a dark and dreary, scary end time scenario is NOT accurate.  Why does the Word of God call it the “great and terrible” day? (Joel 2:31).  We’ve centered on the terrible and not realized the “GREAT”!   Matter of fact Acts 2:20 calls it the “great and notable” day.  Notable is a word that actually means, “to SHINE upon”!  The GREATEST days are yet ahead... but also the darkest.  It depends totally on where you stand with the Lord.

Bad End Times?
Entering the Rest of God

The Word of God states what ONE THING will keep us from walking in the REST of God... UNBELIEF.  There is a place of PROVISION for God’s people to enter and have everything we need!  Lack of prayer doesn’t keep us out, it never even mentions that our personal sin keeps us from that place.  What keeps us from our place of rest in Him?  One thing only... UNBELIEF!  That’s NOT a hard requirement to enter.  God is CALLING US INTO A PLACE OF REST!  We can CHOOSE to BELIEVE!

Entering Into The Rest Of God
Wanting Doesn't Get It... SEEING It Within Yourself Gets It!

It’s not what we WANT that dictates what we receive... it’s what we “see” within ourselves!  If we only “see” failure we will continue to fail.  If we “see” ourselves prosperous, we become prosperous.  Jacob evidently realized this principle and placed spotted and striped poles to be “seen” by the goats and sheep, so as to PRODUCE spots and streaks!  We BECOME what we SEE within ourselves!

Wanting Doesn't Get It
Tithing - The Neglected Covering

Tithing is one of THE most mis-understood principles in the Bible.  To understand even a small portion of its Genesis is to realize the true heart of God to place His people in a position of winning over the elements of life and the plots of the enemy devised to destroy them.

Tithing - The Neglected Covering
A New Era

We have entered into a brand new era that’s referred to as the “Kingdom Age”!  Anytime there’s a great shift in seasons along with that is a great change in operation.  Evil agendas in the world will NOT STOP WHAT IS COMING.  A new day is upon us!  An exciting day is upon us!  We have entered the 7th day!!

A New Era
Behold I Do a New Thing

Isaiah 43:18-19 declares a time when God will release something entirely new to the earth.  Nothing we’ve experienced in our past hints as to what God WILL DO.  He goes on to tell us in these 2 verses that it’s entirely impossible... BUT GOD!   This teaching not only hints to what this “new thing” could possibly be, but points out through scripture that it’s season of manifestation is very possibly upon us!!

Behold, I Do A New Thing
The Earth Has Yet to See What God is Gonna Do

The Gospel has NEVER yet been fully seen and experienced but it’s COMING!  This teaching hits face on, no apologies!!  It’s time we allow God to receive as His inheritance  EVERYTHING FULLY He paid for! 

The Earth Has Yet To See What God's Gonna Do
Two Realms Meshing

Jesus WILL get all He paid for!!  Why live within the confines of a boring religious structure, when Jesus has paid the price and paved the way for us to be “as He is, so are we IN THE EARTH”!  I John 4:17

Two Realms Meshing
As It Was in the Days of Noah

MUCH is foretold in scripture about the times preceding the Lord’s return.  Nothing remains the same.  When going through a paradigm shift, we have to be willing to understand the times we’re in and change our thinking accordingly to be able to flow with God into the next season.

As It Was In The Days Of Noah
One Spirit With God

The idea of separation from God as a believer is a distorted belief system.  If we believe that lie, it keeps us powerless.  I Cor. 6:17 says that he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. As we begin to actually believe and ACT on that truth it opens up a whole new world, a new level of life in the spirit! 

One Spirit With God
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