Where we focus our attention, is what multiplies in our lives. Think about it. Where our thoughts go, we go. What dictates our attention, directs our path. Even in the simplest of situations. For instance, a barrel racer must focus on their pocket, NOT the barrel. Why?...

I have always LOVED peacocks. I love driving up at someone’s ranch headquarters with huge trees around their house and barn, seeing (and hearing) peacocks in the trees announcing your arrival.

But no matter how beautiful a thing is....in it’s wrong place or time....it c...

As we enter into this Christmas season, it helps to remember what this season is about. It’s not the advertisements to buy, buy, buy and all the movies about a Santa Claus who only gives to those who deserve it. Boy we humans cancerous screw up a good thing can’t we!


How do you handle pressure, more accurately, the pressure of competition? Are you one of those BLESSED people who excel under pressure? You know the kind....stack up the pressure and they seem to THRIVE. Well....I never was one of those. It was always easier for me to...

Heading to CO, I couldn’t get my two ton to go beyond 55mph and I had it on the floor to get that! It struggled up the hills and it was a looooong, tiresome two days for me to make CO from TX. After making it there, I took my truck to a diesel place. The guy took one l...

You know how you can kill a poisonous snake and even hours later, if you move the snake’s body, a muscle reaction can cause it to strike at you? Even though it’s been dead for hours! If you didn’t know this already, you can thank me for telling you. Anytime now...........

Have you noticed how you train a horse, using a series of cues, applying the biggest and easiest to recognize and at the same time, the lighter ones also? As the young horse begins to recognize the cues, you can drop the big ones and the cues just get lighter and light...

In 1987, I was invited to ride rough stock for the second year, during the crowning of Miss Rodeo America at the NFR. I was married at the time and Ray was entered in the bucking bull sale also. Problem was....we didn’t own a vehicle. Oh, and we had NO MONEY. We had be...

There was...as in “used to be”....an old, shot with bullet holes, sign on the dirt road river crossing to my house. It had long lost it’s sturdy stance by time, occasional bumps from trucks and of course the flood waters themselves and it was leaning heavily. Well, my...

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Where we focus our attention, is what multiplies in our lives. Think about it. Where our thoughts go, we go. What dictates our attention, directs our...


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