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Crystal gets the opportunity to share all over the country. This is a collection of some of her favorite message for you to listen to, download, and share with your friends. Her prayer is that God would speak to you, as He has spoken to others.

Below is the newest message from Crystal.

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Great Promotion for Those Who Qualify

End time prophetic teaching by Jesus Himself distinctly points to a “sorting” of believers, (yes, Christians) in the last days just prior to an unprecedented outpouring of Kingdom power to be placed on those who qualify.  Remember: “many are called, few are chosen”!  Shouldn’t we be interested in knowing exactly what would disqualify us from receiving this great honor to be bestowed upon the faithful?

GREAT PROMOTION Promised For Those Who Qualify
Are You Eating at the Correct Table

The Lord is doing many things behind the scenes that’s shifting people and nations, as He is removing illegitimate authority over places of rulership in the earth.  As this is ongoing, He is simultaneously inviting His own to eat from His table.  Our courage, or lack thereof, our outlook, whether expectant or hopeless ALL depends upon what table we are eating from!  This teaching will enlighten you to discern where you are.

Are You Eating At The Correct Table
Sudden Shifts are Upon Us

We are living in a “midnight hour” but don’t despair because it’s at that time when things suddenly shift from “hopelessness to victory”!  We are highly honored to be living in “such a time as this”.  God wants us to recognize the time AND His hand IN this time!  We have a part to play in it or we wouldn’t BE HERE!

Sudden Shifts Are Upon Us
Getting Answers to Prayer

We’ve complicated prayer in so many ways, making us wonder HOW to pray accurately. Jesus kept it simple.  Not always “easy”, but certainly uncomplicated!  Be encouraged because the Lord WANTS us to receive from Him!

Getting Answers To Prayer
The Seed War

All the animosity against Israel, the world’s animosity against Jesus and Christianity can never be fully understood without the basic knowledge of the “seed war” that’s been going on since Genesis.  God prophesies the end from the beginning.  This war of the two seeds will only intensify as the end approaches.  Not to understand this foundational truth is to be in danger of positioning yourself at odds with the Creator Himself.

The Seed War
A Different Look at the Book of Revelation

I used to look at the book of Revelation as a scary time where the Devil was completely “un-leashed” on the planet and its people were going to be helpless in his “cross hairs”.  I have always desired to only know TRUTH and have asked Holy Spirit to teach me the truth of this important book!  I suddenly saw something I had never taken notice of before that changes EVERYTHING concerning HOW we should look at this prophetic book giving us clues and information about our times and the future.

A Different Look At The Book Of Revelation
As It Was In the Days of Noah

Not ALL that was going on during the days of Noah was bad!  Let’s not get so focused on the evil of that time that we totally MISS the part that the remnant of King Jesus will play in this end time clash of kingdoms!

As It Was In The Days Of Noah
The Progression of Maturity

In Song of Solomon, we can easily identify with the Shulamite woman’s lack of response to the Bridegroom, due to her distaste for change and hating to leave her comfort zone.  Studying her, I can see me and be encouraged to follow on… into maturity with Jesus!

The Progression Of Maturity
The Transfiguration MUST Happen BEFORE Jesus Can Come

What part of “Jesus must remain in heaven UNTIL the RESTITUTION of ALL things” do we not understand?

The Transfiguration MUST Happen BEFORE Jesus Comes
Towers are Falling!

Isaiah 30 speaks of a day “when the towers fall”.  I firmly believe that on 9/11 the Twin Towers falling were a SIGN that we are NOW living in this prophetic season.  As I studied the word “towers” more extensively I realized its deeper and far more reaching meaning.  Platforms of evil influence are coming under the judgements of God!  During this time, scripture is very clear that when these “towers” fall, God’s faithful remnant will experience a powerful transformation!!

Towers Are Falling
Separation is Here

The Bible speaks of a time of separation where the angels mark 3 distinct groups of people.  We are living in this time!  It’s important to know what these 3 groups are and which one you fit into.

Separation Is Here
Rewards for Refusing to Fear

Did you know that God promises rewards for those who refuse to fear?  Awesome rewards!  God places a HIGH value on courage.  The fact of the matter is fear is a CHOICE!  We CHOOSE to refuse or accept fear when it approaches us, and the consequences of whichever way we choose is unavoidable.

Rewards For Refusing To Fear
Great Grace is Coming

The Bible clearly says a great outpouring of grace is appropriated for the days of darkness. Why?  So God’s people can simply survive the perilous times?  NO!  So God’s people can walk triumphantly in full authority OVER any evil that we will face!  Check out what is promised to God’s faithful ones!!

Great Grace Is Coming
Glorious Days Ahead

With all the turmoil and chaos in the world, there is a HOPE that is ours to claim!  Remember where the Word says that we are to be IN the world, but not OF it?  How does that work??  Answer: Christ in you the HOPE of glory! (Col.1:27)   This is a compact teaching that points out several scriptures that speak of “Christ’s coming”, but it’s definitely NOT what we pictured in our minds.  His next “coming” is Him APPEARING AND SHINING UPON His “friends”!!  There is a GREAT DIVIDE, so to speak, coming as God’s faithful people go through an outpouring of HIMSELF that will literally render us “NOT OF THIS WORLD!”  It is by this and ONLY this, that we will walk ABOVE the chaos of this world and affect our areas of authority with HEAVEN’S RESOURCES!

Glorious Days Ahead
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