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Learning All the Cues

Have you noticed how you train a horse, using a series of cues, applying the biggest and easiest to recognize and at the same time, the lighter ones also? As the young horse begins to recognize the cues, you can drop the big ones and the cues just get lighter and lighter. The lighter the cues, the more sensitive and highly trained the horse. Well, God uses that very same method in teaching His kids how to follow His leads. When we’re young in Him, He places bold directives out there for us to not miss! But He has no intention of always having to lead us this more than

a horse trainer plans on plow reining his horse forever!

So, just like horses, as we mature in our walk with the Lord, His directives can become slighter. a good horseman....wants us to become SENSITIVE to His leads. Oh....and He doesn’t always talk to us the same way forever. Just as a horseman may shift how he trains because he’s teaching a completely different discipline than what he has taught in the past. God speaks through His Word, the Bible. He speaks by a still, small, quiet voice down inside us. He speaks through numbers, colors, movies, songs, a gentle breeze, through our children, our animals.....add infinitum! Why? Because the object isn’t simply to learn the “cues”.....but to know HIM! He desires our heart, not simply dull obedience. He LOVES simply hanging out with us and enjoying our company! He’s not some boss who only wants a good days work for what he’s invested in you but isn’t personally interested in who you are! Believe it or not.....He ENJOYS YOU!!

I’m learning to try and “go with the flow” with how God is interacting with me. In the past He has communicated with that “unction” on the inside and also DREAMS.....lots of dreams! But for the past few years, my dreams have been sparse and I’m trying to pick up on other ways He’s speaking to me. One thing I have become very aware of is that He actually loves to just have FUN with us! I never knew that before quite like I’m realizing it here lately.

The other day I was leaving San Antonio in the Freightliner, headed to Wheeler’s in Boerne to pick up my trailer. Traffic was rather heavy and I didn’t want to miss my exit but I wasn’t exactly sure which exit it was! No sooner than I had finished breathing a prayer for Him to help me not miss the correct exit, and already trying to get “sensitive” inwardly so as to not miss His leading..... a semi passed me and on the back it had a life size picture of George Strait. HELLO....what country girl isn’t going to notice THAT! And in big letters it said.....”Follow me to Wheeler’s.....exit 543 !! I laughed out loud!! How much LOUDER could God have said it??!!

Either God thought I was too dull to get it right.....OR.....He was enjoying His own humor and our relationship!! I don’t know about you, but I tend to think it’s the latter. Don’t misunderstand this and start thinking that God is just our “good buddy” and not to be held in honor and even feared as scriptures say.....but as we mature in our relationship with Him, we discover that He LOVES to play with His children!! What a COOL God He is!!

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