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No Throttle... No Power

Heading to CO, I couldn’t get my two ton to go beyond 55mph and I had it on the floor to get that! It struggled up the hills and it was a looooong, tiresome two days for me to make CO from TX. After making it there, I took my truck to a diesel place. The guy took one look and said, “I don’t know how you MADE it here!” He showed me the part that connected my throttle cable to the engine was literally dangling. NO WONDER I couldn’t get any power!

My truck wasn’t getting the fuel to have the power it needed. He reconnected it to the engine block and off I drove back to TX with power. Back in Texas I began to notice the throttle cable slipping again so I had someone adjust it. But as I was driving to the next rodeo, suddenly my foot went to the floor and NO POWER. The part had broken. Someone welded it for me and I was back out on the road. I made it to the next rodeo without a hitch, but then as I was driving to my next event and in the middle of Little Rock, AR amongst all the traffic of that city, my foot suddenly went to the floor again and I had NO POWER. That’s a creepy feeling, pulling a big rig with animals through a busy city and suddenly you’re “dead in the water”. I immediately started asking for the Lord’s help as I was HUNG unless He did something. Suddenly the lane to my right was open and I shifted lanes and prayed to make an exit before the truck quit rolling. I made an exit and then was praying for a place big enough to pull into. There was an incline (thankfully) so I passed up a couple businesses and spotted an open parking lot ahead. I was praising God for it as I coasted into the empty, nicely paved lot. After I stopped, I looked to see what I had pulled was a funeral home. The part had broken again and this time it was done for. A mobile fix it guy ran the part down and had me back on the road in a couple hours. If it’d been in a

small, country town, I would’ve been stuck but Little Rock had what I needed.

The next morning I asked the Lord what was He saying in all this, because WHAT happened and WHERE I ended up....was just too obviously weird. He said, “No longer can we ‘patch up the old’ and continue to move forward in power. “ God is doing a “new thing” and we must shift from old lifestyles and old habits. He spoke very sternly to me that if we continue to simply try to stay in our old ways, we will be without any power to move forward with Him and we will end up stranded in a place where dead things get buried. This refers to individuals for sure but also people who claim to be believers in Jesus but live according to what’s acceptable by the world’s standard and not God’s, are going to find themselves in a dangerous position. Also ministries that are stuck in the rut of old ways and having a greater loyalty to traditions of man, than moving with what God is doing NOW will be left on the road side without power, completely out of the flow of God. God isn’t playing. To be without power on the highway is be without power in the coming days is DEADLY.

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